Sunday, December 13, 2015

Smart Co-OpTaxi Marketing Groups Can Beat Uber at their Own Gane

Fight Back You Can Compete with Uber


1      Taxi Marketing Co-Op  

If you’re in the taxi business and have some concerns about Uber, you’re not alone.  They have fooled many cab drivers from traditional taxi companies in to leaving their current employer to Join Uber; are you a slave for Uber?  I mean if you’re working for Uber, you are their slave. How do you like those $400 car payments and being forced to drive 15-20 hours per day? You are working so hard with little time to enjoy your family, you can’t find peace because of financial pressure.
Suppose I said, “you can beat Uber.” Are you ready to fight back and gain new customers? Taximeters-n-Toplights has the tools you need to win. We gather groups of individuals and taxi companies in your working area that want to put the boot to Uber’s backside and form marketing Co-Ops.
  A marketing Co-Op makes sense when you consider the cost of Digital Advertising. Furthermore, you can’t rely entirely on the on the internet for new customers. But if you create a marketing Co-Op, each member can contribute 100-200 per month x 15 members, you have 1500-3000 in advertising buying power. Collectively, Co-Op members should work together, sharing customer’s, setting up a dispatch system and talking customers back from Uber by providing excellent customer service. The more member you have in a Co-Op, the more advertising you can do for your Co-Op, all the members of the Co-Op will benefit by increasing their gross income from an increased call volume.
 So you would like to establish a Taxi Co-Op and get a successful taxi marketing plan established? Our firm can help you make more money and help keep you taxi busy. You don’t need a website. However, I highly recommend you have one.

Here is a preview of our Taxi Marketing Plan for taxi Co-Ops:
(1)    Guaranteed traffic to your smartphone  starting at $199.00 per month
(2)    Media Blitz, Website  and Adwords account professionally managed , Social media posts plus  get $300 in Ad Words advertising. for $595 a month.
Shake those Uber Financial Blues and start a Taxi Co-Op today. Your Op-Op can enjoy a successful taxi marketing plan that will gives you peace of mind ,working less hours, making more money giving them with more time  spend with their family.
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